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Aryan ********** Computer Vision Engineer

$480 / day


Experienced Computer Vision Engineer specializing in the development and deployment of advanced AI algorithms and systems. Proven expertise in designing and optimizing AI models for tasks such as object detection, image segmentation, and video analytics using frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch. Skilled in implementing Docker and Kubernetes for scalable deployment of computer vision applications. Proficient in utilizing cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure for model training and inference, leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform. Strong background in developing AI-driven solutions for real-world applications, with hands-on experience in integrating vision systems with robotics and automation. Effective collaborator with a track record of delivering robust solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.


AgileAlgorithmsAnsibleAWS CodePipelineAWS LambdaAzure FunctionsAzure Logic AppsAzure VMBlob StorageBootstrapCCloudWatchContainer InstancesData StructuresDockerEC2EKSExpress.jsFlaskGitHubGitLabGrafanaJavaJavaScriptJenkinsJiraKubernetesMongoDBMySQLNode.jsPostgresPower AppPower AutomatePower BIPrometheusPythonPyTorchReactS3SQLiteTableauTensorFlowTerraformYOLO
Computer Vision Engineer


Dec 2023 Bachelor of Science(Computer Sciende) at University of New South Wales
Dec 2019 Higher School Certificate at The King's School


Feb 2020 - Dec 2023 Software Engineer at ARY Group

– Implemented scalable and resilient systems utilizing Docker and Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to ensure robust deployment and management of applications.
– Designed and orchestrated application infrastructure on Azure using Terraform, leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles for efficient and scalable deployment.
– Established streamlined CI/CD pipelines in Jenkins, enabling rapid and automated deployment of code changes to production environments.
– Engineered optimized Linux Docker images integrating Selenium and Chromium for effective web scraping capabilities.
– Orchestrated automation workflows using Azure Logic Apps and Jenkins, enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating seamless integration across systems.
– Led the development of a sophisticated Cryptocurrency AI algorithm, applying advanced Machine Learning techniques and trend analysis to forecast price movements.
– Leveraged Python and NodeJS to develop Azure Functions for diverse applications including web scraping, ETL processes, and AI/ML implementations, optimizing functionality and
– Implemented Agile methodologies through structured Jira Sprints, ensuring efficient project management and delivery of high-quality software solutions.