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Aditya ****** Robotics Engineer

$540 / day


Experienced Robotics Engineer adept in leveraging expertise in design, building, testing, and maintenance of Robotic Systems, with a strong foundation in AI. Equipped with a diverse and promising skill set. Proficient in various platforms, languages, and embedded systems. Experienced with the latest innovative development tools and procedures. Able to effectively self-manage during independent projects, as well as collaborate as part of a productive team.


ArduinoAutoCADBluetooth Low EnergyC++Convolutional Neural NetworkDuckiebotEnergy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopyHilbert-Huang TransformIMUMachine LearningMATLABMeshLabMicrosoft OfficePowder MetallurgyPower BIPythonRobot Operating SystemRobotic Processing AutomationScanning Electron MicroscopySimulinkSolidWorksTableau
Computer Vision EngineerMachine Learning EngineerRobotics Engineer


July 2019 - July 2021 Master of Engineering (Extension) - Robotics at University of Technology Sydney
June 2015 - Jun 2019 Bachelor of Technology - Mechanical Engineering at Vel Tech University


Oct 2022 - Present Robotics Support and Warehouse Officer at BestMed

– Part of a team of four involved in the development and deployment of a medication packing and checking robot for Yuyama systems.
– Collaborated closely with engineers to design and integrate robotic functionalities for automated medication packing and quality checking processes.
– Conducted rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure the robot’s accuracy and reliability in pharmaceutical environments.
– Provided technical support and training to operational staff on the use and maintenance of the robotic system.
– Contributed to documentation and reports detailing the robot’s performance metrics and operational efficiencies.
– Implemented improvements based on feedback and data analysis to enhance the robot’s functionality and user experience.

March 2021 - Oct 2022 Data Collection Moderator (Consultant) at Tata Elxsi

– Part of an eight-member team involved in a data collection project in collaboration with Apple for their Facial Recognition Software, utilizing a 2-Point Laser integrated with
Apple’s iPhone and iPad Mini.
– Coordinated data collection efforts and ensured adherence to project timelines and objectives.
– Conducted calibration and testing of the 2-Point Laser system to optimize accuracy and performance in facial recognition applications.
– Collaborated closely with Apple engineers to integrate the laser technology seamlessly into existing hardware platforms.
– Analyzed data outputs and provided insights to improve the facial recognition algorithms.
– Participated in regular meetings and workshops to discuss project progress and findings with stakeholders.
– Documented procedures, findings, and technical specifications for future reference and knowledge sharing within the team.

Oct 2021 - Oct 2022 Part-Time Robotics Trainer at Aerobotics Global

– Teaching children aged 7 to 15 robotics using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone integrated with sensors.
– Designed and delivered engaging lesson plans tailored to different age groups, fostering a hands-on learning environment.
– Demonstrated practical applications of robotics concepts through interactive projects, enhancing understanding and retention.
– Provided individualized guidance to students, ensuring comprehension and progression in technical skills.
– Organized workshops and robotics competitions to promote teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving abilities among students.
– Collaborated with parents and school administration to evaluate and enhance the robotics curriculum.
– Implemented safety protocols and best practices in handling robotics equipment during classes and activities.

Aug 2019 - Oct 2022 Part-Time Duty Manager at Dan Murphy's

– As a part-time Duty Manager, I honed my leadership, communication, and team coordination skills through active engagement in operational management and staff supervision.
– Developed strategies to streamline workflow and enhance team efficiency, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.
– Facilitated effective communication between staff members and management, ensuring clarity of roles and responsibilities.
– Implemented training programs to upskill team members in customer service and operational procedures, fostering a supportive work environment.
– Managed inventory and controlled costs to optimize financial performance while maintaining high standards of service quality.

Jan 2022 - July 2022 Field Robotics Engineer at Abyss Solutions

– As part of a team of four, I contributed to the development and deployment of a custom detection algorithm for mooring chain investigation, implemented on the BlueROV platform.
– Collaborated closely with team members to design and refine the algorithm, leveraging our collective expertise in underwater robotics and sensor technology.
– Conducted rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure the algorithm’s accuracy and reliability in real-world marine environments.
– Integrated advanced signal processing techniques to enhance the algorithm’s capability in detecting and analyzing mooring chains effectively.
– Documented the development process and outcomes comprehensively, contributing to the project’s technical reports and presentations.
– Engaged in continuous improvement efforts, incorporating feedback from field trials to optimize algorithm performance and functionality.

Nov 2019 - Feb 2020 Robot Operation System (ROS) Assistant at Robonetics Automation Solutions LLP

– I assisted in a research project in collaboration with Kawasaki Robotics focused on Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Systems, utilizing ROS (Robot Operating System) and Beaglebone
platforms. My role involved creating custom sensor hardware and programming it using Python.
– Collaborated closely with Kawasaki Robotics engineers to define sensor requirements and design specifications for the AGV system.
– Developed and implemented custom sensor hardware solutions to meet project objectives, ensuring compatibility with ROS framework and Beaglebone platform.
– Programmed the sensor hardware using Python, integrating it seamlessly into the AGV system to enable real-time data acquisition and processing.
– Conducted extensive testing and validation procedures to verify the functionality and performance of the custom sensor hardware within the AGV environment.
– Documented the development process, including design schematics, programming code, and test results, contributing to project documentation and technical reports.