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Keyu **** Robotics Engineer

$660 / day


With over 5 years of experience specializing in Electronic Field Engineering and AI, I am driven by an unwavering passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Throughout my career, I have immersed myself deeply in both hardware and software domains, contributing significantly to the development and success of numerous pioneering products. My expertise covers the entire spectrum of the product lifecycle—from initial conceptualization and design to meticulous development and seamless deployment. Drawing on a strong background in hardware engineering and a comprehensive understanding of software development, I adopt a holistic approach to innovation in product design. My aspiration is to continually challenge boundaries in engineering, striving for profound achievements and establishing myself as a seasoned industry professional recognized for delivering impactful solutions.


3D ModelingAlgorithm DevelopmentAltiumArduinoAutoCADC/C++Computer VisionData AnalysisEdge ComputingEmbedded SystemsFirmware DevelopmentFPGA ProgrammingHardware DesignImage RecognitionIoT System DevelopmentKeilKiCADMachine LearningMATLABMicrocontroller ProgrammingObject ClassificationPCB DesignProduct Design Lifecycle ManagementPythonRoot Cause AnalysisSoftware DevelopmentStatistical AnalysisSystem AnalysisTechnical DocumentationVerilog
Computer Vision EngineerDeep Learning EngineerMachine Learning EngineerRobotics Engineer


2020 Master of Electrical Engineering at University of Sydney


May 2022 - Present Electronic Engineer at Vision Intelligence (ATF)

– Deployed and fine-tuned machine learning image recognition models at the edge for object classification and vehicle number plate detection.
– Led the full product design lifecycle of a time-lapse camera, from concept to production, now a key product in our market lineup.
– Developed microcontroller firmware to facilitate communication with various subsystems including storage systems, single-board computers, LTE modems, solar charging systems, and
battery management systems.
– Designed PCB layouts for a multi-voltage power bus and solar charger.
– Proficiently utilized live streaming functionality via an RTMP server on a Linux-based system.

Mar 2023 - Present Founder at Transreal (Entrepreneurship)

– Deployed the large language model (LLM), specifically Llama 2, locally for a personalized fitness training program. Applied embedding and prompting engineering techniques to
customize the LLM for fitness-related tasks.
– Utilized computer vision models to extract human figures from videos and converted the 2D human images into 3D human skeleton data through inference.
– Completed online Machine Learning courses, earning a certificate in Machine Learning Specialization, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on
industry-relevant skills.

Sep 2021 - May 2022 System Diagnostic Engineer at Baraja

-Analyzed system performance issues and identified root causes from various perspectives, including software coding, hardware degradation/contamination, and theoretical research.
– Collaborated with multiple engineering teams to address challenging issues from diverse viewpoints. Organized a working group for prioritizing top projects.
– Designed system tests, conducted data collection, and provided technical advice based on statistical evidence.
– Developed short-term effective containment measures and proposed long-term solutions to permanently resolve system issues in future production.
– Represented the company in delivering demo sessions to high-profile investors, clients, and universities.
– Effectively communicated with customers to comprehend their specific needs and deliver immediate solutions.
– Developed multiple Python tools for customer support and internal engineering testing purposes.
– Designed various quality tests to validate product performance and created work instructions to enhance engineering processes.

Aug 2019 - Sep 2020 Research Assistant at Sydney Nano Science Hub (USYD)

– Collaborated as part of an engineering team to develop medical devices for commercial use.
– Developed hardware designs involving soldering, wiring, PCB design, and FPGA programming and implementation.
– Drafted and continually enhanced material structure designs for prototypes, utilizing AutoCAD 3D modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting technologies.
– Responsible for microcontroller coding using Arduino and Teensy platforms.
– Developed mathematical algorithms for processing and analyzing experimental data using Python and Matlab.
– Designed a user interface application in Python for use on computers in clinical studies.
– Currently in the process of patenting the structural design of a medical device as the primary inventor.