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James **** Robotics Engineer

$600 / day


I am a highly skilled electrical engineer with extensive expertise in software, hardware, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and project management. Throughout my career, I have established a solid track record in client liaison, effectively defining project scopes, and implementing robust technical solutions. Fluent in both Chinese and English, I specialize in Intelligence Information Engineering, combining technical prowess with language proficiency to bridge cultural and operational gaps. My experience spans designing and implementing intricate electrical systems across diverse applications, as well as leveraging AI technologies to optimize operational efficiency. I am adept at managing complex projects from inception to successful delivery, conducting thorough technical analyses, and innovating solutions to intricate engineering challenges. With strong communication skills, I excel in collaborating across multicultural teams, ensuring effective project execution and client satisfaction.


ArduinoAudio signal processingBLE protocolsC/C++Circuit designDjangoFirmware development (C programming)Image classificationIoT system designLibrosaLTspiceMachine learning/Deep learningMATLABOffice suitePCB layout designProject managementPythonPyTorchResNetSolidWorksTechnical WritingTensorFlow
Deep Learning EngineerMachine Learning EngineerRobotics Engineer


Feb 2022 - May 2024 Master of Professional Electrical Engineering at University of Sydney
Sep 2016 - Sep 2021 Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Victoria


Nov 2023 - Feb 2024 Technical Consultant at Jacaranda Flame Consulting

– Designed and developed an IoT system using Arduino UNO, seamlessly integrating it with an online platform.
– Successfully integrated hardware and software components into a small animal heart and lung auscultation model.
– Acted as a client liaison for the USYD School of Veterinary Science, gathering requirements and defining project scope.
– Authored project charters and procurement plans to ensure project alignment with organizational goals.
– Monitored project progress and effectively managed an interdisciplinary engineering team.
– Implemented firmware programming for Arduino boards using C to optimize system performance.
– Conducted feasibility studies and technical assessments for IoT solutions in various applications.
– Provided technical expertise in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software integration issues.

Jul 2023 - Aug 2023 Automation engineer at Sichuan Intelligent Construction Technology Corporation

– Developed a LIDAR-based unmanned vehicle obstacle avoidance algorithm using C/C++.
– Conducted practical experiments to refine obstacle-avoidance algorithms under various conditions.
– Implemented the algorithm within the ROS system and rigorously tested it on the unmanned vehicle platform.
– Authored comprehensive technical documentation detailing the development and implementation of the algorithms.
– Optimized algorithm efficiency to enhance real-time obstacle detection and avoidance capabilities.
– Collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to integrate sensor data and algorithm outputs into the overall vehicle control system.
– Presented research findings and algorithm performance metrics at internal and industry conferences.

Jan 2022 - Feb 2023 Tech Sale Specialist at London Drugs LTD

– Provided consultancy on products and services, resulting in a 15% increase in customer satisfaction.
– Assisted in team management and facilitated training sessions for new members, boosting team efficiency by 10% within one month.
– Analyzed monthly sales data and delivered actionable reports to the sales manager, contributing to informed decision-making.
– Addressed technical issues related to electronic devices, leading to a 20% improvement in customer retention rates.
– Implemented customer feedback mechanisms to gather insights and drive continuous service improvements.
– Collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline troubleshooting processes and reduce resolution times.

Apr 2020 - Dec 2020 Learning Technology Assistant at University of Victoria

– Assisted instructors in the development and refinement of course content across platforms such as CourseSpaces and Canvas.
– Generated educational resources and materials to enrich the Learning Technology Ecosystem at the university.
– Facilitated workshops and training sessions for faculty members on effective use of online teaching tools and methodologies.
– Implemented strategies to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in online course materials.
– Conducted quality assurance checks on course sites to ensure alignment with educational standards and policies.
– Provided technical support to faculty and students to resolve platform-related issues promptly.