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Liang ** Robotics Engineer

$620 / day


As a Ph.D. holder with over 4 years dedicated to AI/machine learning and more than 7 years immersed in ICT/software development, I bring a wealth of experience in both research and practical project execution. My career has been defined by a commitment to delivering innovative solutions and high-quality products, particularly focusing on cloud-based AI development. I excel in designing and implementing AI algorithms tailored for real-world applications, leveraging advanced technologies to achieve scalability and efficiency. I possess strong leadership skills, having successfully led teams and collaborated with diverse stakeholders across various projects. My analytical prowess enables data-driven decision-making in AI initiatives, and I have a proven ability to communicate complex technical concepts effectively to non-technical audiences. Moreover, my contributions to academic publications and participation in industry conferences underscore my ongoing dedication to advancing the fields of AI and machine learning.


AWSBashComputer VisionData AnalysisData MiningData VisualizationData WarehousingDeep LearningDiffusion ModelsETL ProcessesGazeboGCPGenerative AI Techniques (GANsGITImage ProcessingJavaKerasLangChainLarge Language Model (LLM)MATLABMuJoCoNatural Language ProcessingOpenCVPythonPyTorchROS 1/2SQLTableauTensorFlowVAEs).
Computer Vision EngineerData ScientistNatural Language Processing (NLP) EngineerRobotics Engineer


Jul 2020 PhD in Information Systems at University of Technology Sydney
Jul 2018 Master of Information Technology at University of Technology Sydney


Jun 2019 - Present Research Assistant at University of Technology Sydney

Translated research findings into industrial project products, including a $3 million AI solution for Brain-Robot Interaction.
– Managed and supervised students, overseeing the design of over 10 scenarios for a drive simulation motion platform for research purposes.
– Collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to integrate AI technologies into practical applications.
– Facilitated knowledge transfer by mentoring students and junior researchers in AI and machine learning.
– Evaluated project feasibility and conducted risk assessments to ensure successful implementation of AI solutions.
– Contributed to publications and presentations at international conferences to disseminate research outcomes and insights.

Feb 2022 - Current Tutor at University of Technology Sydney

– Instructed undergraduate students in machine learning, overseeing AI-based software development. Recognized as the top instructor based on student feedback in 2022.
– Managed a portfolio of over 20 student projects aimed at developing real-world AI applications.
– Provided guidance on research methodologies and best practices in AI development to foster innovative solutions.
– Fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among students through workshops and seminars on AI technologies.
– Monitored project milestones and conducted regular evaluations to ensure projects met academic and industry standards.
– Facilitated discussions and debates on emerging trends and ethical considerations in AI during classroom sessions.

Aug 2011 - Nov 2017 Computer Network Admin & Technical Support at Beijing Xiang Rui Jia He Technology Co

– Provided hardware and software solutions, achieving up to 45% cost savings for clients.
– Implemented strategies to optimize operational efficiencies and enhance technological capabilities.
– Devised tailored solutions to meet specific client needs and exceed expectations.
– Assessed technology trends and recommended innovative solutions to drive business growth and efficiency.