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NITHIN *********** ******** Generative AI Developer

$480 / day


Machine Learning Engineer with 2 years of experience in deploying AI solutions and applications to enhance business outcomes, leveraging Python, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning frameworks. Spearheaded the development of multiple applications, such as an inventory management solution and an AI-based learning interface, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams comprising business analysts, front-end specialists, and testers. Recognized as one of the top 5 students and awarded a research scholarship valued at $6k by Monash University.


Artificial IntelligenceCSSDeep LearningHTMLJavaJavaScriptMachine LearningPythonReinforcement LearningTensorFlow
AI ConsultantAI Curriculum DeveloperDeep Learning EngineerMachine Learning Engineer


Oct 2021 - Sept 2023 Master of Artificial Intelligence at MONASH UNIVERSITY
July 2017 - Jun 2021 Bachelor of Engineering (specialisation in Biomedical engineering) at PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY


Feb 2024 - Present Artificial Intelligence Developer at TEAM CREATIVE

– Currently leading the development of AI-based solutions for the recruiting industry, focusing on automating candidate selection processes.
– Utilizing advanced natural language processing techniques to analyze and categorize job applications, aiming to decrease manual workload by 70-75%.
– Managing end-to-end development tasks, encompassing front-end design and deployment, leveraging Python, GitHub, Google Cloud Console, Streamlit, and OpenAI. Limited disclosure
due to ongoing project work.

feb 2023 - July 2023 Machine Learning Engineer at MONASH UNIVERSITY

– Improved accessibility for visually impaired students by approximately 30% through leadership of a cross-functional team comprising business analysts, data scientists, and
front-end specialists. This initiative resulted in the development of an interactive learning interface using Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
– Employed state-of-the-art techniques such as in-context and zero-shot learning to create an AI-based solution for question-answering and summarization tasks.
– Managed end-to-end product deployment on Microsoft Azure, optimizing memory usage with Azure student credits to ensure project delivery within cost constraints.

Nov 2022 - Feb 2023 Artificial Intelligence Researcher at MONASH UNIVERSITY

– Investigated the application of deep learning neural networks in medical images, exploring various optimization methodologies, variations in gradient descent algorithms, 3D
image analysis, and convolutional neural networks.
– Optimized research outcomes by leveraging pre-trained models, hardware acceleration, and TensorBoard features provided by TensorFlow and Keras frameworks.
– Integrated machine learning frameworks using Python to enhance computational efficiency and model performance.

March 2021 - June 2021 Deep Learning Engineer (Medical Image Analysis) at PSG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY

– Partnered with medical professionals to understand specific clinical needs and requirements, ensuring the developed platform met industry standards and user expectations.
– Integrated automated reporting functionalities into the platform, allowing for real-time generation of insights and diagnostic summaries based on the deep learning model
– Conducted performance optimization and scalability testing to ensure the platform could handle large volumes of medical image data efficiently.
– Collaborated with regulatory affairs teams to navigate compliance requirements and ensure adherence to relevant healthcare data privacy and security standards.