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Sattar ********** AI Research Scientist

$1080 / day


As an experienced Data Scientist, I bring a wealth of expertise across diverse sectors including insurance, health, finance, cybersecurity, and energy. My career includes roles as a qualified Lecturer and Course Coordinator, where I excelled in developing course materials and managing classes. I have supervised Master of Data Science students and served as an industry supervisor for a PhD focused on Generative AI, underscoring my deep understanding of AI, particularly in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Proficient in Python, R, SQL, and cloud technologies like Azure, AWS, H2O, and Snowflake, I am adept at leveraging these tools to deliver innovative solutions. My skill set extends to communication, project planning, budget management, and stakeholder engagement, essential for driving successful projects. Additionally, I have organized numerous academic-industry talks and chaired local IEEE workshops, contributing significantly to the fields of AI, cybersecurity, and IoT through The IEEE Victorian Computational Intelligence Society.


Oct 2023 - Present Research Data Scientist at RMIT University

– Research supervisor of a PhD Candidate in Generative AI and LLM.
– Research and analytics in decision-dependent uncertainty.
– Lecturer for Data Wrangling for online students.

May 2021 - Sept 2023 Senior Data Scientist at Resolution Life

– Developed structured and unstructured end-to-end data models and ML pipelines.
– Service manager of AI cloud platform for NLP use cases (H2O) responsible for: uplifting the platform capabilities; integration with other platforms; deployment of NLP use cases.
– Worked with stakeholders and business experts for use-case developments (over 20 business use cases) and actionable business insights.
– Data engineering for AI use-cases: data pipelining using SQL and Python in Snowflake; deployment of AI models in Snowflake; building data models for quality and monitoring
checks; automation of pipelining processes.
– Predictive models for triage Income Protection claims, lapse and retention of customers.
– Developed POCs for use-cases including, but not limited to, customer surveys and complaints, Speech Recognition and AWS Transcribe output evaluation.
– Lead NLP analytics and R&D initiatives.

May 2020 - May 2021 Research Fellow at RMIT University

– Worked on Telstra Health and Digital Health CRC projects for business use-case developments, actionable insights and decision-making.
– Developed advanced Deep Learning and NLP-based business insights in Aged Care.
– Predictive models for hospital readmission, mortality and falls of aged-care residents.
– Author of a survey report on the secondary use of electronic health records, advanced Health Analytics, challenges and research gaps, published the outcome in “ACM Computing
– Teaching staff for “Case Studies in Data Science” and “Practical Data Science with Python”, where 2 groups of my students were awarded the IEEE Victorian Section prize (out of 5
awards) for the best projects, November 2020.
– Minor thesis supervisor; published a paper with the student in a conference.

July 2019 - May 2020 Lecturer at Victorian Institute of Technology

– Developed analytics in education for students’ challenges and course materials quality.
– Seveloped and Re-developed data science course materials.
– Coordinated students’ industry-linked projects in advanced AI, cybersecurity and IoT.
– Lectured “Big Data”, “Business Analytics”, and “Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Dec 2015 - June 2019 Data Scientist at Transport Accident Commission

– Data analytics to develop and recommend business solutions to address the customers’ health outcomes, including their recovery and return to work.
– Developed predictive structured and unstructured data models.
– Developed NLP techniques such as tokenization, n-grams, lemmatization, Part-Of-Speech (POS) tagging, and Named Entity Recognition (NER).
– Developed Topic Modelling for customers mental health challenges, early identification of a mental risk in claims, and customer prioritisation.
– Developed Semantic Analytics for monitoring customers’ health conditions, including scoring pain, recovery and mentality.
– Developed a search engine tool as a claims search dashboard.
– Lead research initiatives and business use-case development.
– Published papers with industry leads.

Aug 2014 - Dec 2015 Research Fellow at Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL)

– Developed advanced ML, NLP, and optimisation algorithms at ICSL, a ceyber-security lab at Federation University, for actionable business insights in cybersecurity.
– Worked on projects from an Australian financial institution for phishing and spam analytics to stop unwanted emails and spam activities.
– Developed an optimisation algorithm for deeper solutions of cyber attack problems; over 70% of phishing were from limited sources, and published the report in “Neural Processing

Aug 2014 - Dec 2018 Lecturer & Course Coordinator at Federation University Australia

– Sessional Lecturer and Course Coordinator in software engineering, cybersecurity and cloud for face-to-face and off-campus students.
– Courses included: “Networking and Security”, “Information Security”, “Cloud Computing”, “Software Engineering Methodologies” and “Statistics”.
– Research in finance, health and energy.

July 2013 - Aug 2015 Lecturer - Online Teaching at Open Universities Australia

– Lecturer at OUA, the University of South Australia.
– Taught mathematics and statistics courses for online students

Sept 2011 - Sept 2013 Research Fellow at The University of Adelaide

– Worked on an industry project in geothermal energy for modelling of fracture networks and connectivity in geothermal reservoirs.
– Developed Spatial Data Mining algorithms for a geothermal energy company, Habanero Geothermal, for modelling fracture networks and connectivity.
– Worked with business stakeholders, geo-statisticians and mining staff for business use-case developments and research initiatives.
– Collaborated with university and industry experts and published papers in geospatial data mining in geothermal energy applications.