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Harsh ****** ***** AI/ML Researcher

$480 / day


Highly motivated and detail-oriented candidate with a strong background in leveraging AI to enhance business performance and customer experience. Passionate about applying data-driven solutions to solve complex business challenges. Skilled in data mining, data visualization, and proficient in programming languages, with a focus on AI technologies to develop actionable insights and innovative solutions.


AGILE MethodologyAzureData CleaningData ExtractionData ManipulationData SegmentationData Visualizationgit-labGitHubGoogle AnalyticsHTMLIBM CloudJavaJavaScriptJupyter NotebookMicrosoft Office SuiteMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQLPower BIPyCharmPythonSlackSQLSQLite3Statistical AnalysisTableauVisual Studio IDE
AI ConsultantAI ProgrammerAI Research ScientistDeep Learning EngineerMachine Learning Engineer


July 2022 - July 2024 Power BI, Tableau, Google Analytics at University of Adelaide
June 2018 - Apr 2022 Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology


Jan 2024 - Present SA Community Data Analyst at Connecting Up - Infoxchange

– Streamlined data collection processes by implementing efficient data mining techniques, reducing the data cleaning process by 2 weeks.
– Developed custom algorithms to optimize and automate data analysis processes, achieving a 90% increase in efficiency.
– Conducted rigorous data validation by integrating data from 3 different sources, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of datasets deployed for Power BI analysis.
– Designed a Power BI Dashboard to effectively present data, benefiting over 200 community organizations and individuals.
– These points highlight proficiency in AI-driven data mining techniques, automation of data analysis, rigorous validation processes, and impactful data visualization through

May 2023 - July 2023 Strategy Consultant at Accenture Australia

– Identified top priorities based on client requirements within specified timeframes and developed corresponding plans to align with these priorities.
– Designed workflows and processes for each team over a 2-week period, evaluating the impact of changes and gauging client and target audience responses.
– Achieved successful project outcomes by conducting thorough market research and competitive analysis with 85% accuracy.