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Cody ***** AI & Data Engineer

$690 / day


Experienced Data Systems Migration professional with over 10+ years of expertise in Banking, Investment
Banking, and Financial Services (Including, Credit Suisse, Barclay Captial, ING Bank, and Westpac Bank). Led
large-scale migration projects involving the consolidation of 60+ platforms and data systems between AWS and
Azure clouds. Achieved a 98% success rate in project delivery.
Developed and executed comprehensive migration strategies, enabling data-driven decision-making accuracy
and implementing robust validation processes. Collaborative and effective in communication, fostering
stakeholder satisfaction and achieving notable improvements in project clarity.
Proficient in project management, risk assessment, and quality control. Certified in PRINCE2, AWS, and Azure
Data Migration. Strong problem-solving and stakeholder management skills. Dedicated to delivering successful
outcomes through effective leadership and comprehensive strategies


Artificial IntelligenceBusiness IntelligencePredictive Modeling
AI EthicistAI ProgrammerAI Trainer/Annotation Specialist


1994-1996 IT at Westminster College, London
1996-1998 IT at London Business School, London


2021-Present Data Systems Migration Manager at Westpac Bank, Sydney

1. Spearheaded a large-scale migration project, consolidating 60 platforms and data systems between AWS and Azure clouds, resulting in a 20% improvement in operational efficiency through successful consolidation into a centralised management area.
2. Devised and executed a comprehensive migration strategy, ensuring a smooth transition of data systems, empowering the C—T to achieve a 30% increase in data-driven decision-making accuracy for the Board Reporting Papers.
3. Led cross-functional teams consisting of developers, data analysts, and technical experts, providing guidance and support throughout the migration process. Fostered collaboration and ensured effective coordination to achieve project deliverables.
4. Collaborated closely with stakeholders, including the C—T, business owners, and technical teams, to grasp requirements, define project scope, and establish clear objectives for the migration project.
5. Analysed and assessed existing platforms and data systems, identifying dependencies, data structures, and integration points. Orchestrated a seamless migration, minimising downtime by 50% and significantly enhancing data quality and accessibility.
6. Implemented robust data validation and reconciliation procedures, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency of migrated data.

1. Successfully consolidated 60 platforms and data systems from AWS and Azure into a centralised management area, improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
2. Empowered the C—T to generate comprehensive reporting and insights for Board Reporting Papers, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Jan 2020-Oct2021 Data System Migration Manager at NSW Health, Sydney

1. Executed end-to-end data and systems migration projects for Westpac, ensuring timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to quality standards. Achieved a 20% reduction in migration time and cost through meticulous planning and streamlined implementation, resulting in seamless transitions and optimised outcomes.
2. Collaborated closely with healthcare professionals, data analysts, and IT teams to discern project requirements, define scope, and develop a comprehensive plan. Fostered effective communication and alignment, leading to a 30% improvement in project clarity and stakeholder satisfaction.
3. Implemented Agile methodologies to drive iterative development, proactively mitigate risks, and adapt to evolving project requirements. Orchestrated the integration of AWS and Azure Data Platforms, ensuring seamless data integration, scalability, and robust security measures.
4. Successfully facilitated change management activities to ensure smooth transitions and minimise resistance during the implementation of new systems. Developed change management strategies, conducted impact assessments, and created communication plans to effectively communicate changes to stakeholders. Provided guidance and support to individuals and teams affected by the changes, resulting in a 25% reduction in resistance and increased overall acceptance and adoption of the new systems.

1. Successfully delivered a Cloud-based Data Analytics platform within specified time and budget constraints, empowering NSW Health with advanced analytics capabilities and actionable data insights.
2. Led the migration of multiple legacy systems to cloud alternatives, resulting in improved scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency, with a 25% reduction in maintenance costs and enhanced system capabilities.
3. Collaborated with stakeholders to develop migration strategies, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption, leading to a 20% reduction in downtime during migrations.

Jan 2019- Jan,2020 Data Systems Migration Project Manager at Transport NSW

1. Oversee the end-to-end data systems migration project lifecycle, focusing on the successful migration of data systems from legacy on-premise infrastructure to cloud-based solutions.
2. Collaborate with stakeholders to define project requirements and establish project scope for data systems migration initiatives.
3. Develop and execute comprehensive migration strategies, including data mapping, validation, and transformation, to ensure seamless and accurate migration of data.
4. Coordinate and manage cross-functional teams, including developers, data analysts, and technical experts, to ensure effective collaboration and successful execution of data systems migration deliverables.
5. Implement project controls and methodologies specific to data systems migration, including risk management, issue tracking, and quality assurance, to ensure successful and timely completion of migration projects.

1. Successfully led the migration of multiple data systems from legacy on-premise infrastructure to cloud-based solutions, resulting in improved scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.
2. Collaborated with stakeholders to define project requirements and establish project scope, ensuring alignment with business goals and objectives.
3. Developed and executed comprehensive migration strategies, ensuring seamless and accurate migration of data systems within specified timelines and budget constraints.
4. Coordinated cross-functional teams, fostering effective collaboration and ensuring successful execution of data systems migration deliverables.

Jan 2018- Jan 2019 Analytics Project Manger at FlexiGroup

1. Managed end-to-end IT projects, including the successful launch of financial incentives to drive customer adoption of the buy now and pay later program, resulting in increased sales and revenue.
2. Led the design and implementation of the Customer Lifecycle Management process, leveraging IT solutions to track and report on the success of the product launch, ensuring effective customer engagement and retention strategies.
3. Utilised IT tools and technologies to build sophisticated reporting analytics, integrating CRM measures and bank statement data to analyse customer spend and provide data-driven insights for informed decision-making.
4. Spearheaded the Data Vault data storage project, overseeing the implementation of a hybrid data warehouse solution that offered the Board greater flexibility in selecting analytic visualisations.

1. Successfully merged Humm Fintech with FlexiGroup, overseeing the integration of systems, processes, and teams while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.
2. Developed and implemented the Customer Life Cycle process, effectively tracking and enhancing customer engagement throughout their lifecycle using IT solutions.
3. Introduced robust project risk management practices and utilised PRINCE2 methodologies to ensure comprehensive project documentation, transparency, and effective governance.
4. Established a hybrid automated data vault for financial data, leveraging IT technologies to improve data accessibility, accuracy, and reporting capabilities.

Jan 2017-Jan 2018 Senior Data Project Manager at NSW Health

1. Built and managed the ML/AI department, spearheading the development and integration of data sources for business and ministry KPIs, enabling data-driven insights for performance improvement.
2. Architected Health’s Business Intelligence Reporting and real-time dashboard performance program, providing stakeholders with actionable insights and enabling proactive decision-making.
3. Led the development team in implementing BI performance reporting Centers in SharePoint, establishing a comprehensive Azure cloud BI platform to centralise and streamline reporting activities.
4. Collaborated with key stakeholders to identify business requirements, translating them into technical specifications and project plans for successful implementation.
5. Conducted regular performance reviews and provided guidance and mentorship to team members, fostering their professional growth and ensuring project success.
6. Implemented data governance and security measures, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of sensitive healthcare data.
7. Developed and maintained strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, facilitating effective communication, collaboration, and alignment of project objectives.
8. Conducted regular status meetings, project progress tracking, and reporting to senior management, ensuring transparency and timely delivery of project milestones.
9. Evaluated emerging technologies and industry trends, providing recommendations for process improvements and innovative solutions to enhance performance reporting capabilities.
10. Ensured compliance with relevant regulations, policies, and standards, such as HIPAA, to protect patient privacy and maintain data integrity.

1. Developed and deployed ML/AI models for fall prevention, AI/ML Forecast Volume predictions, and Readmission prevention, contributing to improved patient safety and enhanced healthcare outcomes.

Jan 2015-Jan 2017 Data Systems Migration Manager at State Super Financial Services

1. Lead the strategic partnership with Microsoft and EY for the successful execution of the $75 million migration project of legacy CRM Dynamics on-premise to CRM Dynamics Cloud at State Super.
2. Collaborate closely with Microsoft and EY teams to define project requirements, develop migration strategies, and ensure alignment with State Super’s objectives.
3. Facilitate effective communication and coordination between State Super, Microsoft, and EY, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient project execution.
4. Manage the implementation of Microsoft’s cloud solutions and EY’s expertise in CRM migration, leveraging their technical knowledge and industry best practices.
5. Oversee the integration of Microsoft’s cloud platform and EY’s migration methodology into State Super’s IT infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and secure migration process.
6. Provide guidance and support to the project team, ensuring they have the necessary resources, tools, and knowledge to execute the migration successfully.

1. Established a strong partnership with Microsoft and EY, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver a successful CRM migration project.
2. Collaborated with Microsoft and EY teams to develop a customised migration strategy tailored to State Super’s specific needs and requirements.
3. Successfully executed the migration project within the defined scope, timeline, and budget, while meeting all quality standards and regulatory compliance.
4. Leveraged Microsoft’s cloud solutions and EY’s migration methodology to achieve a seamless transition from legacy CRM Dynamics on-premise to CRM Dynamics Cloud.

Jan 2013-Jan 2015 Data System Migration Manager at ING Bank

1. Coordinated and managed the end-to-end Business Intelligence Finance and Treasury migration project, overseeing the successful migration from Oracle and SAP Business Objects to Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Business Intelligence toolset, SSAS Tabular, and SharePoint.
2. Collaborated with stakeholders to gather requirements, define project scope, and develop project plans, ensuring alignment with organisational goals and objectives.
3. Led the delivery of custom workflow modules using Java and the BO Java Restful SDK, automating document object extraction and implementing automated comparison checks, resulting in improved data accuracy and efficiency.
4. Provided coaching, guidance, and mentorship to the BI team, fostering agile delivery methods, and promoting best practices for developing Microsoft Financial Equivalent analytical reports tailored to the Treasury and Finance users’ requirements.
5. Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including finance, IT, and business stakeholders, to ensure seamless integration and alignment of BI solutions with organisational processes and goals.

1. Successfully led the migration and conversion of financial Business Objects Universes from the Oracle platform to SQL Server 2012, streamlining data storage and retrieval processes and improving overall system performance.
2. Transformed complex Business Objects Universe Oracle expressions, joins, tables, and conditions to SQL equivalents, optimising query performance and significantly reducing report generation time.
3. Implemented a comprehensive and user-friendly reporting solution, empowering Treasury and Finance users to access timely and accurate financial information for decision-making purposes.

Jan 2012-Jan 2013 Senior Project Manager at Dimension Data

1. Directed end-to-end Business Intelligence projects, leading a multidisciplinary team of data management professionals, developers, and analysts to successfully deliver complex solutions that met the organisation’s strategic objectives.
2. Managed project scope, timelines, resources, and budgets, ensuring adherence to project plans and effective allocation of resources to achieve project milestones.
3. Collaborated closely with business stakeholders to gather requirements, identify data and reporting needs, and translate them into technical specifications for the development team.
4. Implemented robust project management processes and methodologies, including project planning, risk management, issue resolution, and change control, to ensure project success and mitigate risks.
5. Fostered a collaborative and high-performing team environment, providing guidance, mentorship, and support to team members to promote professional growth and development.

1. Successfully delivered high-impact Business Intelligence solutions, enabling stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights into business performance.
2. Led the implementation of innovative data visualisation techniques and interactive dashboards, enhancing the accessibility and usability of information for end-users.
3. Implemented effective data governance and quality control measures, ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and consistency of data used for reporting and analytics.

Jan 2010-Jan 2012 BI Project Manager at QLD Education

1. Accounted for the complete business intelligence project lifecycle, applying PRINCE methodology to ensure effective planning, execution, and closure of projects. Oversaw project initiation, scope definition, requirements gathering, solution design, development, testing, implementation, and post-implementation support.
2. Led the Business Intelligence service team for the One School program, providing strategic direction, leadership, and management of resources to deliver a comprehensive BI platform to all schools in Queensland. Collaborated with stakeholders to understand their needs, define requirements, and ensure the successful delivery of the program.
3. Conducted thorough analysis of business requirements, identified data sources, and developed data models and ETL processes to extract, transform, and load data into the BI platform. Ensured data accuracy, integrity, and availability for reporting and analytics purposes.
4. Designed and implemented user-friendly and visually appealing dashboards, reports, and interactive visualisations using a combination of tools and technologies such as SharePoint, SQL, Tabular cubes, Power View, Power Pivot, Services Reports, and OSCR SharePoint Dashboard platform.
5. Managed project risks, issues, and dependencies, and implemented effective communication and change management strategies to ensure project success. Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including IT, business users, and external vendors, to align project activities with organisational goals and objectives.

1. Designed and implemented a robust dimensional warehouse and data mart architecture, enabling educators and administrators to access and analyse data for informed decision-making and improved student outcomes.
2. Directed the successful implementation of various BI solutions, including SharePoint, SQL, Tabular cubes, Power View, Power Pivot, Services Reports, and OSCR SharePoint Dashboard platform, providing schools with user-friendly reporting tools and empowering stakeholders with actionable insights.

Jan 2008-Jan 2010 Business Intelligence Architect at Barclays Capital

1. Migrated the Oracle-driven Trader Flash ‘trading’ data using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and developed BI reports for the Front and Middle Office teams. This involved data extraction, transformation, and loading into a SQL Server data warehouse.
2. Implemented a comprehensive reporting solution using Cubes and Business Objects to address the reporting needs of Barclays. Successfully migrated a legacy Trade reporting application into a data warehouse, ensuring efficient data analysis and reporting capabilities.
3. Developed an Automated Maintenance Option (AMO) utilising a sliding window technique written in C#.NET. This enabled real-time access to today’s ‘trading’ data through ROLAP partitions, improving data availability and responsiveness.
4. Collaborated with stakeholders and business users to gather requirements, understand reporting needs, and translate them into technical solutions.
5. Designed and implemented data models, ETL processes, and data transformations to ensure accurate and timely data integration for reporting purposes.
6. Conducted data quality checks, identified and resolved data inconsistencies, and implemented data validation mechanisms to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
7. Provided technical guidance and mentorship to junior developers, ensuring adherence to best practices and quality standards.
8. Worked closely with cross-functional teams, including database administrators, data analysts, and business analysts, to ensure seamless data flow and integration between systems.