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Yiu **** ****** Software Engineer


A passionate Full Stack / Web3 Developer who views programming not just as a job, but as a fulfilling hobby.

Quick to learn and adapt to new technologies and frameworks, with a proven track record of picking up new languages such as Rust in as little as three weeks.

Successfully built an optimised and unique Interchangeable BFT infrastructure on the Bear protocol. Committed to continuous learning and personal growth in the field of software development.


AzureDevOpsDockerGITMATLABNeural NetworksPythonRoboticsSQLTensorFlow
AI Curriculum DeveloperAI Research ScientistComputer Vision EngineerMachine Learning EngineerReinforcement Learning EngineerRobotics Engineer


Feb 2010 - Jul 2014 Bachelor of Computer Science at University of Wollongong


Apr 2023 - Present Web3 / Backend Developer at PlayEmber LLC

– Building Bear protocol / EM: smart contracts and backend to create custodial wallets, onboarding web2 users to web3, and managing several on-chain contracts transactions for different use cases.

Sep 2022 - Apr 2023 Project Lead at BabySamo LLC

– AI generator Site integrated with Web3 Rewards Elements. Responsible for Developing traditional Lack-end infrastructure and payment/membership tier system combined with Arbitrum (EVM) Smart contract to Bridging rewards between web2 and web3.

Jan 2022 - Jan 2023 Bear Protocol Developer at JumpDeFi

– Building Bear Protocol Contract in Rust programming language, including generic BFT Staking, DeQ Swapping, Auto market maker, Liquidity pools, ‘field Farming contract and IDO launchpad contract, Loth front-end, contract and backend infrastructure such as transaction indexer using Apollo graphQL, typescript and expressjs.

Feb 2020 - Jan 2022 Full stack Developer at Troves Labs

– Building Web3 contracts for Defi, including tokens, single-side staking contracts, BFT5s, and Web2 infrastructure.

Dec 2018 - Dec 2020 Sole Trader at Edgewood TD

Create projects on multiple blockchain, development contractor