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Senior Software Engineer with 11 years of industry-leading expertise in Banking, Finance, and Health sectors. Demonstrated proficiency in leveraging ETL Tools, with a notable specialization in Informatica PowerCenter, Cloud, and Data Quality.

Pioneered data initiatives by achieving over 90% accuracy in Data Profiling, scorecarding, and cleansing. Led technical documentation processes, crafting high-quality HLD & LLD designs and streamlining the development team’s efficiency with precise Conversion Mapping Sheets.

Proficient in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, with a deep-rooted understanding of the software development life cycle, enhancing support and DevOps integration. Further fortified with certifications including Azure AI Fundamentals AI-900, Azure AZ-900, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Informatica Practitioner.




Apr 2009 – Apr 2012 Master of Computer Applications at National Institute of Technology, India


Jan 2023 – Present Senior Software Engineer at ING Bank, Sydney

– Led the design of Mappings, Mapplets, and workflows with ETL Informatica PowerCenter utilities, enhancing data integration efficiency by 25%.
– Streamlined AWS DevOps processes using Jenkins, Git, and Shell Scripts, achieving a 20% faster deployment, and enhancing system reliability with BDQ and BDM.
– Optimised complex SQL queries and Shell scripts, enhancing file processing efficiency by 35%, and ensuring 99% accuracy in file arrival checks and secure data transfers via encryption.
– Implemented star, snowflake, and fact constellation schema, resulting in the successful processing, and loading of data into 10+ dimension tables with a 98% accuracy rate.
– Managed SCD2, SCD3, and SCD6 dimensions along with fact types, resulting in seamless data integration across major databases, enhancing data retrieval speeds by 30%.
– Implemented a build and validation process in Informatica PowerCenter, boosting data integration by 20%, and managed 10+ users, enhancing workflow productivity by 20%.
– Conducted cleanup and restarts of Informatica services, discovered backup processes for MRS and RDS across 15+ non-production and production instances, and executed monthly patching, resulting in a 30% increase in system reliability.

Key Achievements
– Initiated CRs in ServiceNow, resulting in the successful deployment of 100+ changes from lower to higher environments, enhancing system consistency by 35%.
– Incorporated Unix scripts with Informatica utilities to boost code and user migration by 50%, and designed IICS application scheduling, enhancing task efficiency by 40%.
– Crafted IDQ data profiles and scorecards, hitting 90% accuracy in quality checks, and utilised IGC for data profiling, enhancing data governance by 30%.

Jan 2016 – Dec 2022 Software Engineer, at NAB Bank, Sydney

– Analysed application performance metrics on AWS, ensuring a 99.95% up time by optimising resources and implementing efficient deployment strategies.
– Designed CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, leading to a 40% reduction in deployment times and guaranteeing 95% of builds transitioned without manual interference.
– Configured AWS infrastructure with tools like Terraform, reducing setup times by 60% and supported BDM & PCF frameworks, ensuring optimal operation.
– Monitored AWS resources with CloudWatch and oversaw Jenkins pipeline in both non-prod and prod environments, catching anomalies and ensuring optimal performance.
– Collaborated with software development teams, leveraging tools like GIT for version control and reducing time to market for new features by 30%.
– Optimised AWS cost management and performed monthly patching on both non-prod and prod environments, achieving 20% yearly savings on cloud expenditures.
– Generated MRS and RDS backups for both non-prod and prod Informatica environments, safeguarding data and ensuring service continuity.

Key Achievements
– Enhanced Informatica service performance by 20% through effective cleanups and timely restarts, leading to efficient system operations.
– Streamlined the backup process, achieving a 99.9% data recovery rate for both MRS and RDS in contingency scenarios.
– Integrated ServiceNow for change requests, expediting the change management process by 30% through automated workflows.

Oct 2012 – Dec 2015 Software Engineer, at Capital One Bank, Sydney

– Analysed existing data models across databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, leading to the creation or modification of data models to fit project requirements.
– Conducted unit testing on file validations on UNIX servers and data warehousing protocols, ensuring data integrity and adherence to project requirements.
– Prepared Informatica mappings, workflows, and SQL queries as per client needs, resulting in efficient data processing and integration.
– Executed mappings in production environments, facilitating the loading of data into data marts and warehouses.
– Collaborated with QA teams and stakeholders, ensuring code compliance, addressing defects, and establishing data governance policies.
– Incorporated Infosphere IGC tools for cataloguing metadata and business glossaries, making data easily accessible to users.

Key Achievement

– Improved the performance of Informatica mappings by optimising shell scripts and SQL queries, leading to a 15% increase in data processing speed.
– Established data quality rules for standardisation, resulting in a 20% enhancement in data completeness, validity, and uniqueness across projects.
– Catalogued over 10,000 metadata entries using the Infosphere IGC tool, enhancing data accessibility and lineage traceability for users.