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Experienced data-driven researcher with a background in psychology research and expertise in the banking
industry. Seeking a dynamic role at the intersection of research and business to help individuals make better
business decisions.


Apache SparkComputer ScienceComputer VisionPythonSQL
AI ConsultantAI Ethicist


2020-2023 PhD in Psychological Science at University of New South Wales
2018 Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) at Flinders University


2022-2023 Data Analyst at Macquarie Group

Developed and executed an automatic remediation model that resulted in a 50% reduction in home loan remediation
fees, from 12 million to 6 million by using SQL and R
Created a customer solution transformation dashboard for enhanced operational metrics related to agent
performance and customer experience using Tableau
Simplified and automated credit card operations by revamping the logic of code behind the process
Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify business problems, develop effective solutions and presenting
insights to senior stakeholders