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Sean *** Business Intelligence Developer


An accomplished Data Analyst with over five years of experience, currently serving as a Business Intelligence Engineer at Obzervr.

Skilled in data engineering, analysis, and visualisation, he specialises in building analytics architecture and optimising data pipelines, with proficiency in tools like Microsoft Power BI Premium and Azure Synapse.

Prior roles include Senior Data Analyst at Brisbane City Council and Data Analyst at SinoPac Securities, where he honed his skills in data management and reporting.


Apache SparkArtificial IntelligenceC++Computer ScienceComputer VisionData MiningData ScienceGITLinuxPythonRSQLStatistical Analysis
AI EthicistAI Operations ManagerAI Software Developer


Sep 2014 - Jun 2016 Master of Business Administration at National Taiwan University
Sep 2007 - Jun 2011 Bachelor of Physics at National Sun Yat-Sen University


Nov 2022 - Present Business Intelligence Engineer at Obzervr

• Build analytics architecture including database design and data pipeline.
• Build reports, dashboards and apps using Microsoft Power BI Premium.
• Control and monitor the daily operation of Azure Synapse pipeline, Power BI dataflow and dataset.
• Optimise the performance of SQL query, dataflow and dataset.
• Provided technical support for customers with data analytics issues or change requests.
• Scaled down Power BI Premium capacity from A4 to A3 which helped the analytics team save $4500 a month for the infrastructure cost.
• Optimised a data pipeline so the time complexity of the query became O(1).
• Improved SQL view performance so the query time dropped down from 5 minutes to 1 minute for the same data size.

Apr 2022 - Nov 2022 Senior Data Analyst at Brisbane City Council hi

• Extracted data from multiple data sources, transformed and loaded it into data model using Power Query.
• Collaborated with report users to identify what kind of reports they need and whether the current data model can meet their goals.
• Designed data schema for new project and made a demo dashboard for users to check how it looks like.
• Discussed dashboard design with users to get feedback in order to modify the format.
• Visualised data insights by building Power BI dashboards according to data users’ needs and kept those dashboards updated whilst the data source kept growing.
• Rebuilt data model when the structure or site of the data source is changed.
• Design a new data schema for a new project, built a multi-page dashboard and published it to the online workspace.
• Rebuilt the data structure for 10+ dashboards in order to accommodate the change in data structure.
• Add more visualisations on 10+ dashboards in order to help people gain more insights about the data.

Apr 2019 - Oct 2021 Data Analyst at Sinopac Securities

• Gathered, cleaned and stored financial statements data using VBA, Python and MS SQL Server.
• Analysed financial statements data by performing exploratory data analysis based on statistic methods in order to give insights into investment management.
• Visualised data insights by building reports in different kinds of formats including Power BI Dashboard, webpage, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint.
• Automated daily reports-producing process in order to save time for team members.
• Designed database schemas for storage of stock market data for existing and new datasets.
• One of our data-driven products won the best API project of 2021 The Asset Triple A Digital Awards.
• Created 10+ visually impactful dashboards in Excel and Power BI for data reporting.
• Automated 20+ reporting processes including routine reports and on demand ones.

Aug 2017 - Jul 2018 Credit Analyst at First Commercial Bank

• Analysed financial statements using liquidity and profitability ratios to assess the creditworthiness and financial condition of a company.
• Interact with client! ‘s CFOs/Controllers, V.P!s of Finance and Presidents to review financials health including onsite client visits when required.
• Completed credit reports including financial statement analysis on a timely basis. Provided maintenance support for database integrity.
• Provided customer service to corporate loan clients, and helped them accelerate the loan process.
• Provided credit analysis reports of 21 companies for the loan department team.
• Gathered and validated the financial statements of 2 new loan applicants by visiting their offices and factories and conducting some interviews.