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Jay *********** Senior Cloud Engineer


Senior Cloud Engineer with over 15 years of robust experience across diverse sectors including telecommunications, retail, and banking. Collaborated with industry leaders like Optus, Woolworths, and Citizens Bank, delivering a unique blend of technical proficiency and business acumen.

Pioneered 15+ projects, optimized business processes, and devised cloud solutions tailored to business needs. Mastered a range of cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Understood containerization, orchestration, and CI/CD pipelines deeply, ensuring efficient deployments that prioritized security and cost-effectiveness.

Ensured seamless interaction with 5+ cross-functional teams and the secure delivery of applications on time. Committed to continuous growth and innovation, eager to offer expertise to forward-thinking organizations striving for excellence in cloud operations.


AzureBusiness IntelligenceDecision TreesDeep LearningDevOpsGITHadoopLinuxMATLABNatural Language Processing (NLP)Problem SolvingPyTorch
AI Curriculum Developer


Jun 2013 - Apr 2015 Master of Information Technology at BIHER
Jun 1998 - Apr 2001 Bachelor of Computer Science at MTNC


Jan 2023 - Present Senior Cloud Engineer at Optus Pty Ltd, Sydney

● Slashed cloud infrastructure setup time by 30% by implementing code-based provisioning, leading to a 20% increase in efficiency via automation tools.
● Streamlined interactions with software delivery teams, which led to a 20% decrease in platform management expenses and a 20% surge in operational productivity.
● Monitored a complete re-architecture on cloud migration to public and hybrid cloud environments, reducing downtime by 40% and improving scalability by 50%.
● Generated cost savings for the organization through the implementation of optimizing underutilized cloud services, resulting 25% reduction in expenditure.
● Facilitated infrastructure security by expanding the adoption of DevSecOps principles, resulting in a 30% reduction in security vulnerabilities.
● Automated cyber security engineering and security assurance processes, leading to a 50% reduction in manual security tasks.
Key Achievements
● Executed engineering solutions, binding the efficiency of CI/CD pipelines and DevOps practices, resulting in a 60% decrease in software deployment failures.
● Demonstrated commitment to team growth by creation and delivery of training programs, equipping team members with essential skills and up-to-date knowledge.
● Successfully implemented software-defined infrastructure orchestration tools, resulting in a 40% reduction in deployment times and a 30% improvement in resource utilization efficiency.

Jul 2016 - Jan 2023 Cloud Infrastructure Engineer at Woolworths Group, Sydney

● Designed and managed a multi-cloud infrastructure ensuring 99.99% availability and optimizing performance, resulting in a 25% boost in operational effectiveness.
● Developed CI/CD framework that facilitated integration with Infrastructure as Code (IAC) transitions, resulting in 50% merit in deployment automation efficiency.
● Executed hybrid infrastructure commitment to optimizing performance and precision. This led to 20% efficiency in operational and infrastructure reliability.
● Executed performance-driven security enhancements within the cloud infrastructure by binding automation, resulting in a 35% reduction in security incidents.
● Initiated technical discussions with stakeholders to facilitate the implementation of the solution design, leading to a 30% reduction in the implementation timeline.

Key Achievements
• Successfully migrated to a multi-cloud environment, enabling efficient resource allocation and leading reduction in on-premises infrastructure costs, saving 15% to 20% or more.
• Addressed security incidents and data breaches, resulting in substantial cost savings. This included a reduction in legal fees by 30% and avoidance of penalties.

Aug 2015 - Jul 2016 CLoud Platform Engineer at CItizens Bank

• Engaged with stakeholders to optimize the collection and assessment of infrastructure requirements, leading to a 20% decrease in the time to kick off projects.
• Analyzed error logs, audit logs, and message logs as part of maintenance and management, leading to a 25% savings in system errors and a 30% improvement in reliability.
• Designed Infrastructure by leading the organization-wide implementation of secure principles, resulting 25% increase in project alignment with business goals.
• Guided the team, resulting in a 20% boost in work output and a 15% reduction in the duration to finalize projects.

Key Achievements
• Hardened and refactored infrastructure components, resulting 40% reduction in system vulnerabilities and a 25% improvement in system performance.
• Realized exceptional outcomes by fortifying, rebuilding, and finely tuning software application components, resulting in a 40% reduction in application errors.

May 2010 - Apr 2015 Cloud Engineer at Motorola Solutions

• Orchestrated cloud host deployment, Cutting provisioning durations by 40% and realizing a 25% improvement in resource usage measurements.
• Proposed the ITIL framework in the environment leading to a 15% reduction in incidents and a 20% improvement in change implementation efficiency.
• Enabled monitoring alerts in Infrastructure with standard procedures, reducing downtime by 25% and enhancing system reliability by 20%.
• Managed and guided the team, resulting in increased productivity and a 15% improvement in a project plan with documentation.
• Adhered to established processes, leading to a 15% reduction in errors and a 20% increase in operational efficiency.