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Sirali ********* Project Manager


An accomplished professional with a track record of developing strong relationships, increasing efficiency, delivering successful projects and streamlining processes.

Proven experience in using problem-solving and task prioritisation skills to support the team to success.

Proven ability to maintain focus, performance, and quality in a complex, high-volume operating environment. 7 years of work experience at McKinsey & Company


Artificial IntelligenceSQLTableau
AI Product ManagerAI ProgrammerAI Security Specialist


2012 - 2016 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computing Engineering at Delhi Technological University, India


Nov 2018 - Jun 2023 Project Manager at McKinsey & Company

Project Management Responsibilities vary for each project, but the core remains the same – Project initiation, scope, risk, issue and change management, reporting, handover to service and post-implementation reviews
✓ Successfully oversaw project development life cycle of McKinsey & Company proprietary SaaS application (Wave)
often under tight deadlines for 30+ global clients, generating over $10M per annum in revenue
✓ Deployed digital solutions, managed solution delivery from initiation to control phase, and served as a point of contact for organisations in their end-to-end business transformation journeys
✓ Supervised 7 analysts into becoming domain experts of the tool and provided professional mentorship
✓ Conducted 50+ training and upskilling sessions for clients and consultants, onsite and offsite
✓ Responsible for managing the governance, success, and financial reporting for companies across different industries and locations.
✓ Leading the identification, design and delivery of improvements by supporting the Account Managers to meet their internal and external deadlines
✓ Applying project management techniques and methodologies to the way projects are managed
✓ Preparing complex documents, reports and executive briefings
✓ Providing complex advice and subject matter expertise in a range of topics for the projects internally and externally
✓ Collaborate with Stakeholders to initiate projects and provided assistance during finalisation
✓ Developing and managing positive and productive relationships with key internal and external stakeholders to deliver outcomes
✓ Working collaboratively with others and negotiating to ensure successful project outcomes
✓ Led problem-solving sessions with clients, providing guidance on the product’s usage & applicability
✓ Initiated MT Assets Barometer, a health quotient improvement initiative in APAC, actioning 100% feedback and increased employee satisfaction in < 3 months
✓ Co-led multiple Mentorship programs with Associate Partner to assign mentors through careful analysis and
training them, leading to improved team cohesion
✓ Facilitate transition to Agile methodologies, boosting accountability and ownership by introducing feedback-based iterations and improvements
✓ Conducted team events and daily morning meetings forging a more collaborative, robust team culture
✓ Consolidated, Migrated, Cleaned, Updated, and Restructured all SaaS projects, core business and all activities.
✓ Oversaw the development and implementation of a comprehensive change management and communications strategy, and directed the team in implementing, maintaining, and improving the application.
✓ Enabled ongoing time, cost, and process improvement by setting up Scrum processes and tools including business strategy, resource and risk management.
✓ Reduced project delivery times and cost, established less maintenance and quicker for end users.

Jun 2016 - Nov 2018 Technical Advisor at McKinsey & Company

✓ Provided tier 3 application support to consultants and clients (using Salesforce, and Jira).
✓ Oversaw escalation of tier 3 technical issues and followed up on results
✓ Spearheaded QA initiatives, improving functional maturity and significantly reducing errors by 50% in < 3 months.
✓ Provided assistance in developing and implementing program reviews.
✓ Coordinated technical activities and support.
✓ Supported team members in their programming activities.