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Experienced data engineer/analyst with a strong grasp of data architecture, ETL processes, and data warehousing. Proficient in data cleansing, manipulation, and processing, leveraging expertise in SQL and Python to extract valuable insights from intricate datasets.

Dedicated to data-driven decision-making and consistently delivers high-quality results. Skilled in crafting impactful visualisations for data presentations using tools like Power BI.

Demonstrated proficiency in designing and implementing resilient data pipelines and infrastructure on cloud platforms, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Artificial IntelligenceData ScienceJavaProblem SolvingPythonScikit-LearnSQL
AI ConsultantAI EthicistAI Operations ManagerAI Software Developer


Graduated 2020 Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering at SASTRA University


2021 - 2023 Data Insights Analyst at Ford Motor Company (GDIA)

● Migrated on-premise(hadoop or hive) data to Google cloud platform( BigQuery, cloud storage etc).
● Demonstrated experience in designing scalable and efficient data architectures to handle large volumes of data and ensure seamless data integration
● Proven ability to integrate data from diverse sources, employing ETL/ELT techniques, and ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
● Executed intricate SQL queries to analyse client data, which led to a 10% improvement in customer retention rates.
● Extracted, analysed, and integrated data from various sources including BigQuery, Google Analytics and marketing platforms resulting in a 15% increase in actionable insights.
● Produced and presented dynamic visual reports to senior management, illustrating the successful transition from on-premise to GCP; quantified the reduction in operational expenses and highlighted a 50% improvement in system uptime.
● Utilised advanced data cleansing and manipulation techniques to process large and complex datasets, reducing data errors
by 20% and improving the accuracy of strategic decision-making.
● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to create customised dashboards in Looker and PowerBi, resulting in a 20% reduction in time spent on data analysis tasks.
● Implemented data visualisation dashboards that allowed stakeholders to easily analyse and interpret complex datasets, resulting in a 30% improvement in decision-making efficiency.
● Strong understanding of project management, statistical concepts and data modelling techniques to identify trends, patterns, and correlations in the data
● Developed and executed data analysis projects using Excel, SQL, Jupyter Notebook, Visual Studio Code, Python, and Power BI KPIs resulting in a 30% increase in data-driven decision-making within the organisation.
● Proven experience in working collaboratively with business stakeholders of varying seniority levels to understand requirements and deliver meaningful analysis
● Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and PowerPoint skills, and the ability to translate between business and technical audiences
● Ability to navigate ambiguous or unfamiliar tasks to solve complex business problems
● Launched and delivered comprehensive data-driven presentations to non-technical stakeholders, effectively communicating insights and recommendations for process improvements, leading to a 15% reduction in customer complaints.
● Implemented data quality control processes to ensure 99% accuracy of all collected data, resulting in improved decision-making and reduced errors.
● Strong analytical and problem-solving, troubleshooting skills and attention to detail, with the ability to exercise good judgment in data-related challenges.