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With over four years of experience in the IT industry, I have honed my expertise in DevOps, Build/Release Management, and support, specializing in CI/CD pipeline development, application deployment, and cloud service provisioning. My skills encompass a broad range of technologies, including Cloud Foundry, Azure, AWS, Terraform, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Git, Subversion, Docker, and container-based deployments.

Additionally, I have a strong background in branch and release strategy, Azure DevOps Service migrations, Azure Blobs, and Key Vaults, and am adept at automating processes in both Windows and Linux environments.

Known for excellent communication and interpersonal skills, I am a quick learner and a collaborative team player, capable of efficiently managing and documenting complex projects in dynamic environments.


Artificial IntelligenceAWSAzureC++Data MiningEnsemble LearningGITJavaLinuxPythonTableau
AI Curriculum DeveloperAI Research ScientistComputer Vision Engineer


Graduated 2019 Master of Big Data Analytics at Vellore Institute of Technology


Feb 2022 - Present DevOps Engineer at Servian Private Limited

– Fully Automated Security Center and 3rd party software installation.
– Implemented CI Pipeline to create and manage vSphere Ova using HashiCorp Packer and Ansible.
– Developed Packer Templates for Windows Server 2019 and Security Center.
– Developed the Ansible role to accommodate Security Center and 3rd party software installation.
– Orchestrated the launch of Virtual Machines (VMs) for Transmax’s testing environment in VMware-Client.
– Contributed to in-house terraform modules.
– Created the best Practice Build Environment using Gitlab, Packer and Ansible.
– Provisioned infrastructure for Data ingestion tool (HVR) using Terraform.
– Installation of HVR in both non-prod and prod environments.
– Provisioned infrastructure for data Transformation (DBT) using Terraform.
– Orchestration of DataOps with GitHub Actions + Container Instances.
– Contributed to various Terraform modules.
– Configured GitHub Action Schedules using Azure logic apps.
– Wrote extensive documentation.
– Mitigated DevOps-related security risks that are identified.

Aug 2018 - Feb 2022 DevSecOps Engineer at Philips India Limited

– Extensively worked on Configuring and maintaining for the purpose of continuous integration (CI) and for End-to-End automation for all builds and deployments using Azure DevOps Services.
– Implemented the Build automation process for all the assigned Features.
– Automated the Deployments of apps and services on PCF.
– Design, implement and maintain the Build /Release Management system.
– Created and optimised the nightly and gated builds.
– Implemented a strong Gating Mechanism.
– Used Docker to virtualise deployment containers and push the code to instances cloud using PCF.
– Automated Security Scans and Static code analysis using tools like Black Duck, Fortify and SonarQube.
– Extensively Working with developers, product managers and quality to define, manage and execute milestones for each release.
– Involved in all project activities that move to production and worked closely with the Development Team, Quality Assurance and Management teams to ensure cross-communication and confirmed approval of all production changes.
– Created and Maintained a Live Like environment to test any production issues on the setup and push it into production.
– Reduced downtime of Production environment using Blue-green deployment.
– Configured various alerts to monitor apps and services using HSDP Metrics and New Relic
– Automated Netsparker and ZAP Security scans as part of Staging Deployment.
– Assisted with Security Reports Vulnerability analyses and risk assessments.
– Good Knowledge of Akamai WAF.
Tracked and resolved nightly and gated build failures.
– Worked on Change set dashboard.
– Responsible for installation and configuration of ISP.
– Automated CI Email (contains Build and Test Failures).
– Actively Monitored daily CI/CD builds and deployments.
– Wrote custom scripts and automated tasks to reduce task time.
– Automated the execution of sanity tests.
– Configured Build, test results and release dashboards in Azure DevOps Server.