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Calvin *** Business Data Analyst


Detail-oriented Business/Data Analyst with 3 years of experience conducting analysis and research to come up with solutions to common business problems.

Polished in complicated data analytics modelling and overseeing new technology and system implementation.

Commercially-aware professional with in-depth knowledge of computing systems and project management techniques.


Business IntelligenceSQLTableau
AI ConsultantAI Security SpecialistAI Trainer/Annotation Specialist


Finished Oct 2019 Master of Commerce in Business Information System and Business Analytics at The University of Sydney
Finished in Jun 2017 Bachelor of Business Administration at Hong Kong Baptist University


Dec 2021 - Sep 2023 Business Analyst at Private Business

• Manipulate market data, and create an EDA dashboard using numpy and matplotlib.
• Conducted sentiment analysis using TensorFlow to identify keywords and assess
the potential of target products, launched 3 new products.
• Supervising sales and Advertisement costs, regularly updating dashboards in Tableau.
• Achievement: Product ACOS reduced by 7%, profit margin increased by 10%.

May 2021 - Dec 2021 Data Scientist at Pfizer

• Collaborated with medical professionals on COVID-19 pneumonia diagnosis classification, gaining expertise in pneumonia X-ray characteristics.
• Processed data, including image inspection and pixel refinement using OpenCV
• Utilised deep learning techniques (CNN, RNN, etc.) with parameter tuning.
• Analysed outcomes and determined effective models based on metrics like TPR and F1-score. Achievement: Image. Classification prediction accuracy improved to 89% (AUC = 0.89)

Mar 2021 - May 2021 Jabil Green Point Technology Co. Ltd at Business Data Analyst

• Developed Python crawlers for acquiring industrial news.
• Data cleaning, manipulation using python packages (numpy, pandas etc.)
• Conducted data cleaning and manipulation using Python libraries (NumPy, Pandas, etc.).
• Produced weekly journals by combining data and materials for internal use.
• Perform statistical analysis on given topics on the production side, assisting IT and production departments to specify Manufacturing Efficiency Criteria, methodology includes:
• EDA by numpy, pandas
• Multivariate Regression Machine Learning Models (KNN, Tree, boosting)
• Established automated news collection channels, enriched source for research, delivered business insights reports
on company digital solutions

Dec 2019 - Jan 2021 Logistic Data Analyst at Pernod Rica

• Analyzed existing business processes, and rearrange historical logistics data, assuring the data structure matched the new ERP system
• Assisted database ETL process using Python data analysis packages, (numpy, pandas for data manipulation, pysql for data structure alternation)
• Facilitated the usage of an inventory traceback system by opening a database programming workshop for the relevant staff
Achievement: Identified a potential profit loss of A$100k in the last decade due to unstructured inventory data, and created structured data for regular Sankey chart reporting.