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Results-driven and seasoned IT professional with over 12 years of progressive experience as a Cloud, DevOps, and Linux System Administrator.

Adept at orchestrating successful migrations from on-premises to the cloud, ensuring robust security and effective infrastructure monitoring.

Demonstrates hands-on expertise in deploying code across various environments using Jenkins and excels in managing Cloud and DevOps technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Splunk, and AppDynamics.


Deep LearningDockerGITHadoopMATLABProblem Solving
AI Curriculum DeveloperAI Operations ManagerAI Product Manager


Finished 2010 Bachelor of Computer Applications at University of Rajasthan, India


May 2023 - Present DevOps Engineer at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Bendigo, Australia

Gitlab Migration and Pipeline Setup:
• Successfully migrated projects from GitAE to Gitlab, enhancing collaboration and version control.
• Established a comprehensive build and deploy pipeline on Gitlab for efficient project management.
Infrastructure Setup and High Availability:
• Implemented a robust red and blue deployment strategy, ensuring high availability for critical applications.
• Set up infrastructure for new applications, contributing to seamless project scalability.
Collaboration Tools Management:
• Configured and managed JIRA, Confluence, and Git for streamlined collaboration and version control.
• Provided Google Workspace support and administration, enhancing team productivity.

Mar 2022 - Apr 2023 DevOps COnsultant at ING Bank, Netherlands

Virtual to Cloud Migration:
• Successfully migrated from Virtual machines to ING Internal Private Cloud, optimising resource utilisation.
• Executed Red and Blue deployment strategy for High Availability, ensuring minimal downtime.
Infrastructure Management and Security:
• Set up the infrastructure for TIBCO applications, contributing to efficient and secure application deployment.
• Managed incident response, ensuring a proactive approach to security.

July 2021 - Mar 2022 DevOps Lead at Bayer

Team Leadership and CI/CD Implementation:
• Led a team of five members and effectively managed the Gitlab CI/CD tool.
• Implemented a complete infrastructure setup on Azure using Terraform and Ansible.
Disaster Recovery Implementation:
• Successfully implemented Disaster Recovery for the entire infrastructure, ensuring business continuity.
• Provisioned AWS infrastructure using Terraform, optimizing resource allocation.
Cloud and Microservices Implementation:
• Configured and managed machines on GCP, creating different projects for various environments.
• Implemented Dockerisation of Apache and MySQL servers and achieved high availability through Kubernetes.

Oct 2018 - Feb 2021 Cloud and DevOps Engineer at Publicis Sapient

Project: Bridgestone
Containerization and Cloud Migration:
• Implemented Docker and Kubernetes, enhancing application deployment efficiency.
• Successfully migrated servers from AWS to GCP using Terraform and Ansible.
Monitoring and Infrastructure Automation:
• Monitored servers using Nagios, ensuring optimal performance.
• Automated Disaster Recovery for AWS infrastructure using Terraform and Ansible.

Project: Nissan Platform Accelerate Customer Experience (Nissan PACE)
AWS Management and Automation:
• Managed more than 250 AWS instances, optimizing resource utilization.
• Implemented Jenkins for CI/CD, saving significant development and QA time.
Infrastructure Configuration and Monitoring:
• Configured and managed multiple AWS services, ensuring a robust and scalable infrastructure.
• Upgraded Splunk infrastructure, improving log management and analysis.

Oct 2016 - Sep 2018 Deployment Engineer at Sirionlabs Pvt Ltd

Project: Contract Management Product
AWS Infrastructure Management:
• Managed more than 250 AWS instances, providing end-to-end support for major releases.
• Provisioned AWS infrastructure using CloudFormation and Terraform.
Network and Security Management:
• Configured and installed CISCO switches, Fortinet firewalls, and CISCO firewalls.
• Provided network support and effectively managed network devices.

Jan 2016 - Oct 2016 System Administrator at InTineTec VisionSoft Pty Ltd

Infrastructure Management and Network Security:
• Configured and managed Linux servers, ensuring optimal performance.
• Improved network security and overall performance.

Mar 2014 - Jan 2016 System Administrator at A3logics Pty Ltd

Projects: Teemwurk (Workforce Management Tool), Teamwise (Attendance Management System)
Automation and Log Management:
• Implemented Jenkins for code automation, saving significant development time.
• Introduced Graylog for efficient log management.
Network Configuration and Troubleshooting:
• Configured CISCO switches, routers, and firewalls.
• Troubleshooted networking-related issues.

Jun 2010 - Mar 2014 System Administrator at Datum Technologies India Pty Ltd

Infrastructure Configuration and Patch Management:
• Managed and configured Linux and Windows VPS servers.
• Conducted monthly patch management for all servers.
Network Support and Security Enhancement:
• Provided network support, analysed, and improved network security.
• Configured and managed Apache web servers and MySQL database servers.