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Experienced in data analysis with a strong foundation in data skills, capable of driving data-informed business decisions. Skilled in advanced SQL and R with a proven track record of engaging with stakeholders to clarify complex processes and code, articulating the larger objectives and activities of a business.

Applies a forensic approach to workflows, identifying gaps and potential for change. Enthusiastic about the role of data analytics in shaping the future and dedicated to remaining at the forefront of the field.


Big DataBusiness IntelligenceSQL
AI EthicistAI Software DeveloperAI Solutions Architect


Finished in 2022 Business Analytics Specialisation at University of Illinois
Finished in 2016 Master of Research at Macquarie University


Jul 2023 - Present Data Analyst at Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

• Integrating scattered data quality activities currently conducted by different teams into a single automated process.
• Building a data quality register by breaking down the processes into components, and identifying generalised and ad-hoc purposes in the workflow
• Streamline the process of data extraction, transformation, and conditioning in the data quality workflow.
• Adapting the data quality query process to the APRA Connect platform.
• Designing data quality metrics that aim to help us make better decisions on our data quality activities.

Mar 2022 - Jul 2023 Senior Data Analyst at Equifax

Major projects:

• Re-purposed the direct marketing purpose to a digital matching purpose-view. This underpins the move from choosing the best available information about a person in the most recent time, to treating identity information as traces left about a person’s online or offline presence. This will drive an increase in the matching rates and hence revenue.
Other projects and responsibilities
• Used a forensic approach to conduct a deep dive into the identity management system and the downstream direct-marketing purpose view. This project results in:
 Descriptive statistics visualisations and metrics that help to understand the quality of input source data, our identity solution system, and the profiles of consumer data.
 Quick resolutions on compliance breaches relating to direct marketing services.
 Cost savings of approximately $50k per year by reducing the frequency of non-essential data wash.

• Collated past and current processes, and multiple data improvement reviews, resulting in recommendations that enhanced the quality and monetisation potential of device data assets in Google Cloud Platform.
• Proactively working with the data acquisition team and product managers to understand the data requirements that can result in data-driven decision-making processes.
• Conducted an in-depth analysis of identity information from various sources, resulting in substantial improvements to the Identity Management System as a preparation for data migration to the Google Cloud Platform.

Nov 2021 - Mar 2022 Data Analyst at NSW Ombudsman

• Generated Power BI Dashboard for Ombudsman services to understand complaint trends in New South Wales
• Extracted data from the case management system for executive reports, such as quarterly operational reports, annual reports and other ad-hoc investigative reports.
• Incorporated external data with internal data to research the impact of external phenomena, such as COVID-19, on NSW public services.

Jul 2021 - Nov 2021 Workflow Analyst at Credit Corp Group

• Developed and implemented efficient scripts using SQL and CCG’s ETL tool, resulting in streamlined data extraction, transformation, cleaning, and loading processes.
• Automated the data load process using a PowerShell script, significantly reducing manual effort, and increasing operational efficiency.

Jan 2021 - Jul 2021 Compliance and Data Analyst at Bidfood Australia

• Designed interactive dashboards, data extraction templates, and statistical analysis frameworks that enabled effective tracking of business performance and ensured compliance with regulations in inventory management, meat production, anti-money laundering, and training requirements.
• Conducted investigative work on the foreign routes of cruises from publicly available information, resulting in the reduction of GST payment by ~$600k (Bidfood).

Nov 2019 - Jun 2020 Data Analyst at NSW Ombudsman

• Reviewed and identified gaps in the current case management system by analysing case information in the NSW Ombudsman database and implemented auto-corrections using predication from contact fields and recurring keywords. This resulted in an increase in the accuracy level of prioritised fields increased from ~65% to ~80%.
• Extracted and manipulated data from diverse sources to be used in major publications, the annual report and policy analysis documents.

Apr 2019 - Nov 2019 Data Delivery Coordinator at Equifax

• Demonstrated expertise in data manipulation, deduplication, and cleansing, enabling successful delivery of targeted direct marketing campaigns for charitable organisations.

Jul 2015 - Mar 2019 Research Officer at National Disability Services

• Managed an online workforce benchmarking tool for the disability sector, facilitating data-driven decision-making and strategic planning for workforce development.
• Engaged stakeholders effectively, leading to product enhancements and improved user experience.
• Developed complex formulas to calculate workforce metrics for multiple units of analysis, contributing to comprehensive cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis of the disability workforce trends.
• Evaluated the effectiveness of NDS’s Ticket-to-Work initiative, providing valuable insights for program improvement.
• Published “The Australian Disability Workforce Report”.